About Us

Smartphones has been in business since 1998. We have over 16 years of cellular phone experience to assist you in ALL your cellular needs.

In 2004 we started moving more towards Prepaid services and like the European countries that have been doing this for years, we understand many of our customers like having a phone and being able to controll their minutes. Now with Unlimited minutes, the Prepaid services are the fastest growing wireless service plans available. It is the smartest way of doing business with wireless plans.

Why not get the same carrier and same coverage for half of the cost and not be tied down to a contract? What a great deal, you can either bring your own phone or purchase a new phone and have the same great wirteless plan.

Here at Smartphones, we will buy your used cell phones. We sell both refurbished and new phones for any single carrier. We sell accessories for all phone models, repair phones even if you're with another carrier. Right now if you lost or dropped your phone and have no insurance we can sell you that phone for less than your existing carrier.

Come into our store or contact us. We will be happy to assist you with ALL your cellular requirements.


5133 W. Taft Road
Liverpool, NY 13088